Monday, April 16, 2012

Something New!!

On our date night last Friday,
Jacob and I decided that we need to put aside one night
every week to make something new.
We cook a LOT but we sometimes keep from making
what we're really are into because we don't want to
make something the other won't like.

So in this pact, we decided that we each take turns
picking the recipe. 
Jacob won the coin toss.
So sushi it is!!

I'm not going to lie.
I was a bit skeptical about this.
He's been talking about it for weeks.
I think I was a little put off by buying raw fish and eating it.
I felt like there was something wrong with it.
But I sucked it up and we made it.

But it turned out so delicious!! Such a good choice!!
We had fresh wild Salmon, carrots, celery and cream cheese.
Then we topped it all with this spicy chili sauce 
(made of mayo, Siracha, hot chili oil and sesame oil...SO GOOD!)

The important part is that he's happy.
And it was delicious.
And sushi isn't as hard to make as I always thought it was.
Which got me thinking...
...what if the things you always think of as being difficult...
...what if they aren't so difficult...
...but we're just too scared to try??

Food for thought...

Happy Monday!!

P.S. I get to see my family in 3 short days!!


  1. I am such a fan of sushi, but have never tried to make it on my this!!! :) So perfect for a date night, like you had!

  2. I have never tried making my own sushi but would really like to! What fun:)

  3. Now I REALLY want a Philadelphia Roll. This sounds so good right now. I even have the smoked salmon and neufchatel in my refrigerator.

    This sounds like a good plan to mix things up :)

  4. Doing something different is always fun. Looks like they turned out good!
    What's next?


  5. I love cooking w/ my boyfriend too! This is such a great idea to try something new...Oooo CJ loves sushi...I'm going to show him this post later, maybe he'll like to try it too!! =)

    Lemanie's Randomness Blog

  6. Well done! Looks delicious. I haven't made it before, but my husband did give a whirl. I'm going to suggest he pulls out the sushi matt tonight!