Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I've been thinking a lot recently about hair.
There are a lot of things I've always wanted to do but are a little too scared to do. 

Then I look back and see...

Lets start with high school! I had this weird crunchy thing going on...I do NOT like that! This is my natural color...you won't see it again :-D

My freshman year of college I decided it was time for a change...I chopped off like 8 inches and dyed it black...it lasted for a while but then had to end...black is so hard on the upkeep!

By junior year, my hair had grown back but I kept it dark...but had this weird shaping going on...hmm...

After college I decided it was time to get my hair professionally done.
I was SO nervous that I would come out with the two things I did NOT want:
blonde and short.
And guess what? That's exactly what I came out with!
The stylist cut like 4 inches off and put tons of blonde in.
But I loved it!

Lastly, this was me last summer at my sister's wedding. I LOVED my hair last year. It was so long and I could finally just leave it natural without frizz.
It was a little darker then I wanted but I still liked it.

Now I have a cross between this last picture and the one above it.

Now here are the three hair styles that I want to try in the future:

I don't think I could almost ever be THIS gorgeous..haha..but I'd like to try this wavy beauty!!

I've had close to this hair but I want to get closer :)
Plus she's so pretty!

And lastly, I would really like to have red hair like little Simpson over here.

If you could have any hair style, what would it be??


  1. Ooo I'd pick Zooey's! She is just so beautiful!

  2. ^^ I agree. Number 2 is definitely the best for you. I can't wait to see your change. I'm sure you'll look lovely!

  3. I have frizzy hair that it really hard to take care of if I keep it natural. After 15 years of chemically straightening my hair to get the frizz out I finally decided to chop all my hair off. I have had it super short (in a super short afro) for almost exactly a year now and love it!! I contemplated this bold move for almost three years and now I feel like there's no going back! I am more confident and love my hair (finally).
    Whatever you choose and want your hair to be just go for it! I like number two as well.


  4. I have done it all expect for red (and well really colorful colors) I have always wanted to go red but never feel brave enough. As for the bright colors you can do that... even just for a day. o you know what hair chalking is? If not you can google it but it basically just wetting your hair and putting colored chalk on it.. it was out after one wash.

  5. I have totally wanted to go red before BUT I am too scared :( maybe someday i'll have the courage!! Love your blog :)

  6. Isn't it fun to look back and see all the crazy stuff you have done to your hair? It can entertain me for hours. Thanks for sharing! I say go with Zooey's hair. It's perfect. Xo

  7. as a natural red, i'm not sure I'd look normal with any other color. but could be fun to look weird and alien like for a bit?

  8. red red red red!!! lol I think you'd look soooo pretty with red hair! :)

  9. I tend to go with natural hair. Never dyed it in my life!

  10. I'm in the process of the red!!! I can't wait, it's BOLD!!