Friday, April 20, 2012

Magical Thursday

Yesterday was such a wonderful day!
I spent most of it cleaning, shopping and doing this:
My version of OTHELLO

But then 5pm hit and I got to go pick up my cousin from the train station!
He flew all the way from Jolly ol' England!

We then set out for the night.
After picking Jacob up from work, we hit up Archie Moore's (a new fav hang out) then, after eating WAY too much, we headed to a show I randomly bought tickets for.
And it was possibly the best thing I've listened to in a long time!
This is what I saw:

We got to see The Lumineers, who I learned about from a fellow blogger and love them so dearly now.
And the Kopecky Family Band opened for them.
And they were just so much fun!

This was one of my favorite songs. It's just so good! Then we got to talk to them afterwards and they were just so humble and nice. I really liked how they were out and mingling with the crowd, I think that's really cool.

How was your Thursday??


  1. Looks like a fun night!
    Happy Friday to you.


  2. I dig their music and will be checking out their website fosho:)