Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stay at home Saturday!

Happy Sunday! 
I love that this weekend is taking forever to pass.
I am so okay with that!

How's your weekend so far??

Yesterday, I spent most of the day updating my little page, catching up on some reading, outlining my play and deep cleaning my apartment.
I felt very productive :)

I've found a new feature on my phone, surprise, surprise!
It's called the Photogrid! And I friggin LOVE it because it lets me bunch all my photos together nicely so you guys aren't scrolling down for years!

1. Jake found his book of mustaches in the closet. 2. Baby lettuce! 3. I made steamed spring rolls for an starter last night, so yummy! 4. Old Bay chicken, couscous and a large salad for dinner. Since we've been indulging with family visiting, I thought it'd be nice to have some veggies :) 5. Still working away on my book roses! Excited to see the outcome! 6. Listening to some Across The Universe <3 7. End result of the spring rolls, so good! 8. All the veggies for the spring rolls: yellow pepper, water chestnuts, cucumber, carrots and sauteed baby bok choy. I'm in love with Spring Rolls.

What'd you do Saturday?


  1. Hello there! I found your blog via a comment at Smith & Ratlif! I also use Photogrid sometimes, as well!

  2. Those book roses are awesome and the mustaches are fun! I also had a relaxing weekend. Sometimes it's just more fun to say home, relax and get some stuff done around the house :)