Monday, April 30, 2012

Who knew?!

Alright, I have a confession.
Sometimes, just because a lot of people I know like something, I'll purposefully not like it or bother to look into it.
Because everyone else likes it...DuH..
I'm like the ultimate non-conforming conformist.

Lately, I've been expanding into different bands.
I've decided to look into a few bands that I've always heard about but never bothered to listen to (consciously) because...
...everyone else liked them... 
*Insert snotty face here* 

Well, dear Me, I hate to inform you that I'm actually starting to really enjoy a few things that I've been trying really hard to dislike.
Here's a short list of what I'm venturing into:

1. Young. The Giant has been a really popular band in the group I run with for a while, but I never got into them...and now I am...I never realized how many songs I already knew! (Check out their video above)

2. Portugal the Man is the same way! I now love this song:

3. Couscous. I told myself for years that I hated couscous.
But it's really good! It's now my new rice :)

4. Nutritional Yeast as a popcorn topping. Okay, I actually started loving this in college but it just came back into my life and it's fantastic.

5. I tried so hard to hate skinny jeans. I think I thought that because I'm a thick girl girl with curves that I wouldn't like them...but I bought a pair and now I'm addicted...I'm almost upset that it's almost summer because I want to keep wearing them!

6. Spicy food. I tried something spicy like back when I was 10 and found it to be the WORST thing on the entire planet...but when I moved in with Jake back in August, he introduced me to so many wonderfully spicy things! Now I can't get enough!

7. And lastly, I never use to like wine...but now I'm a wine freak. Although I only like white wine as of yet, I'm working on red! YAY go me!

What are some things that you always thought you disliked but then tried again and actually like??


  1. Here is a trick to liking red wine: get a cheap bottle of a red and put it in the fridge; it increases the taste phenomenally. I am a huge red wine drinker though.

  2. Ok, moment of truth:

    1. I used to HATE the gym. I mean, I'm sport's worst enemy. But honestly, after I tried yoga and some aerobic excercises, I can totally say that I feel tired if I don't go to the gym. It makes me feel so healthy... a teritory that I had never EVER explored before.

    2. Same goes with healthy food. Bye bye McDonalds!

    3. Yup, the chapter "Spicy Food": I hated it, too. Even a pinch of pepper seemed too much for me. And now I'm all into tabasco, chilly peppers and pepper chilly flakes (this). Served with a lot of yogurt, though. Still! :-)

  3. I adore skinny jeans. They make my world go round.