Sunday, April 8, 2012

What A Wonderful World

Easter was a whirlwind of food, fun and sunshine!
Jacob and I enjoyed a morning at home, sleeping in and 
starting our morning with some cocktails!

I love me some mimosas, lets get that out in the open.
My favorite is to add some Framboise to the mix.
You can get a few different kinds of Framboise but it's usually raspberry, cherry, peach, etc.

Try it. It's delicious.

Then Jacob decided he wanted to make sausage rolls. These are something my Gramma use to make for special occasions. I. Friggin. LOVE. Them.

He did such a great job too :) 

And yes...we ate them ALL.

After consuming my weight in pastry and champagne, I got to business and made some DELICIOUS homemade Mac and Cheese...which I didn't get pictures of because it didn't last long I forgot :) Oops! But I swear it was PHENOMENAL!

Then we packed up the mac and the BBQ pulled pork Jacob made in the slow cooker and headed out to Shelton to a BBQ with some friends.

I dropped off these goodies to my friends who got stuck working at the bar today. They seemed happy to see me when I walked in :)

And these were my DOWNFALL today...chocolate with cream cheese frosting??
I love holidays!

All in all, it was a wonderful day! I'm still battling this weird head cold thing I have...just a lot of sinus pressure and not a whole love else! 
Now I'm catching up on some blogs and episodes of The Voice (I am ADDICTED!) and eating the last of the Easter candy.

What did you do today?? 
What was your favorite treat??

OH! Jacob also started germinating seeds for a hydroponic hanging garden! We don't have literally ANY space in our apartment so he looked up a way to make a hanging garden! It's made out of water bottles and a's pretty cool! I'm going to do a post once it's up and running. But for now, look how cute these little seeds are! So excited!


  1. Hey :) It sounds like a relaxing weekend. I spent mine tasting lots of food at the Toronto Underground Market with my cousins. I also spent time going for walks and did some DIY projects I will post about at a later time. I'm excited to see how the garden turns out!

  2. Those cupcakes look so good!
    Looks like you had a day full of good food.

    Im with you on the Voice, Isnt it good?
    Happy Easter!

  3. Fun weekend! Love your little plants. What are you growing? I'm growing an indoor garden too.

  4. ooo your food looks so delicious. I think it's lunchtime :)

  5. I am so hungry now! You two are such foodies!

  6. Love those festive cupcakes;) How sweet!