Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's Wet.

Rain, Rain go away.
Come again...

I had to get a cab to work today. 
The mile and a half a usually walk no problem was too wet today.

I'm out of practice with this rain thing...
...been too long outta Oregon...


  1. Welcome to my rainy world! Love that pic ;)
    You're moving to Toronto? I've lived there before, and I loved it. Good luck with the big move!

    1. I am moving to Toronto! Any suggestions for places to live, eat, hang out, see? I'm really excited to experience a different country!

  2. I also hopped into a cab today but it was because I was running late for a meeting lol!

    As for you question on my blog regarding places to live in Toronto it really depends on where/what you are interested. I love pretty central (in the old toronto/St. Lawrence area). If you want to rent a floor of a house in a nice hood try the Annex or Little Italy which are a short bike ride away from Spadina and Younge etc. I hope this helps. There are lots of apartments to rent at College and Younge (called College Park) if you want an apartment and want to be close to all the action. Let me know how your search goes.


    1. Thank you! This helps a LOT. We've been stabbing in the dark and now we can see a little better :) We'll have to meet up for coffee or drinks when I get there!

  3. veryyyyyyyy nice photo!