Thursday, May 3, 2012

Move Your Body.

While I was reading through some of my blogs this morning,
I came across this video and am now super in love with it!

I already love Beyonce for her woman power and her healthy, curvaceous bod,
and now a good message?
Awesome :)

Watch, bob your head, tap your feet and enjoy!
(Oh an go visit Alivia to get her views!)


  1. OOh I love this! Makes me want to dance, even though I don't know how, haha. Beyonce's amazing!

    1. Occasionally she annoys me with her "Girl Power" stuff but most of the time I appreciate it. Girls need a strong, independent, healthy female role model. She's one person I don't get upset over when my 7th grade students talk about how cool she is...(Unlike a lot of 'party girls' in the media)