Monday, May 7, 2012

Music Monday: The Voice

And another week begins!
I'm going to try and be positive this week.
I'm feeling a little strain right now, getting work done,
working a normal job, looking for apartments
and looking for jobs.
Trying to figure out know the usual :)

I spent most of Sunday writing and catching up on The Voice.
I got up to the Semifinals but haven't seen the eliminations so, SHH!
My mind was blown and this I think was my fave performance...or at least top 3?
God it's so hard, everyone's so good!

Jamar Rogers is a 30 year old from, I think NYC, and he's HIV positive.
Every single song he sings gives me crazy goose bumps. 
This was his semifinal performance.
So good!

Juliet Simms is another amazing artist on this show. She so...just so GOOD!

Both of these people are just so entertaining to watch, it's incredible. 
Jake's making me save the Semifinal elimination episode for tonight while the Finals air on TV. 
I better put my blinders on all week until it's on Hulu!

I think The Voice is a really cool show, so different from American Idol.
I've been really enjoying this season and I can't wait to see who wins!

I'll leave you with a really cool rendition of Britney Spears sung by Semifinalist 
Tony Lucca, a former Mikey Mouse kid!

What do you think?? 
If you watch the show, who's your fave right now??

Have a great Monday!


  1. I'm not usually a fan of female vocalists, but that is slowly changing (thanks to of monsters and men?). my pick is juliet.

  2. I just got all caught up so I won't spoil any but man I love this show! It makes me wish I could sing.