Saturday, May 5, 2012

We Made It!

Congrats everyone! We made it to SATURDAY!
I love Saturday's, especially the mornings.
I got up this morning, cleaned my apartment (well picked up all the clothes and shoes etc), made some tea and now I'm settling in to do some awesome blog reading before hitting a local craft fair!

First off, I've had this song stuck in my head for a whole day and now I get to share it. It's one of my fave 80's hits (mostly because I LOVE LOVE Pretty In Pink)

How was everyone's Friday??
Here are some pictures of my Friday, I had a really nice day!

Oh, Old Navy, I love your summer flats!

Rainy Friday on Audubon Street. 

Lockers at Tisdale Elementary. 

Texas Roadhouse. Getting our America on.

Beer and sweet rolls.

Sirloin and shrimp. So. Good.

Bouncy balls that Jake wouldn't let me get. We got an exercise ball instead :)

Listened to the Best of the 60's, drank wine and smoked cigars on the stoop. 

All in all it was a wonderful day!
Now it's Saturday, Cinco de Mayo AND a craft fair all rolled into one!
I better go get ready for this fabulous day!

Oh, PS I have a new segment starting soon, hopefully next week, called Dinner with Alice and I'm really excited about it :)
Here's a's about food!

Any plans for this weekend??


  1. Hey! Awesome you had a productive morning. The bf and I are also cleaning out place and headed out for a day outside. have fun at the craft fair. When coming to T.O.?

    1. We're heading out there end of June early July...I'm pushing for ASAP haah but we have to wait to get a place and Jacob has to get all his work stuff in order. Right now I'm just looking at potential places and looking for a job.

  2. Old Navy seriously has some of the best summer flats! I've been planning a trip to out there to get some of my own :)

  3. OMD?? Seriously? I have a killer cassette tape for you. Really. Their first two records, one on each side.................
    extra points if you can identify Enola Gay :)

  4. My favorite day is Sunday! It's something slow and bit lazy in it that always makes me smile! Like your navy shoes! But, it doesn't make me smile at all!
    Well, my weekend is pretty intense, since we have elections here and almost all eyes on the world (especially the european ones) are turned to our little shiny land... so... pressure's on! :-)

    Have a great day Freya! :-)