Monday, April 30, 2012

Music Monday: Father John Misty

Happy Monday!
Yes, I said it!
And I never say that but I'm feelin it today

I found a song for today a while ago but I listen to it at least once a day...I just love the tune and the lyrics...
...and I also love the girl in the video, Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Rec. 
She's hilarious.
So enjoy this tune!

I am also going to finish by giving you 5 reasons why, so far, my Monday is A-Okay!
1. I went to the gym this morning and, besides the fat guy next to me who farted and it was awful, I feel great!
2. I just ate a huge bowl of cantaloupe and grapefruit. 
3. My abs already hurt from the gym...yesssssss
4. I'm blasting Coldplay (My favorite band of all time, even though I listen to like a million different kinds of music...)
5. I got up early enough to be able to write a post!

I'm trying to get back on the posting everyday.
It makes me happy and I like being happy.
I'm trying to be more happy because I'm tired of being unhappy.
Who feels me?!

On that note, have a WONDERFUL Monday, ya'll!
I'll share my big news tomorrow :)

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  1. haha. oh my. that's enough to keep me outta the gym.