Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weekend Check In

Happy Saturday!
If you live anywhere near me...
then you are also basking in the warm breezes and blue
skies of Spring!

I thought I'd pop in and say hey :)
How's your weekend so far?? Anything fun planned for Sunday?!
Check out my date night last night!

Started at Barcelona, SO GOOD!


I hate mushrooms...and I LOVE THESE.

Blurry picture but the drinks were delicious!

Then cigars at the Owl Shop.

I love him so :)

Hit up Rudy's for a drink.

Wouldn't want to be with anyone else :)

This morning required greasy food and a large water bottle.

And now craft time! I have 24 new magnets :)

It was such a great date night!
Now I'm cleaning and doing laundry while Jacob's off
helping some friends move.

I think I got the better deal :)


  1. What a great idea for the magnets!


  2. What great pictures all around, and Yay for crafting it! I have yet to try a blood orange margarita, but it sounds delish! Have a lovey rest of your weekend!!! :)

  3. You have the most badass glue gun I've ever seen lol!

  4. Looks like a good weekend. I was the blood orange margarita and great idea for the magnets. I always find I need more fridge magnets.