Tuesday, October 16, 2012


My obsession with the gym started my senior year of college. My boyfriend at the time made me feel really self conscious (whether he did it on purpose I'm still trying to figure out) and he wanted to join a gym. So I joined too. Then I was hooked. I can't decide if I got hooked to the exercise part or the potential to lose weight part.

I've had personal body image issues pretty much my whole life. I don't think it helped that I was always the tallest, either. Once I started feeling the benefits of working out, I couldn't stop. When I moved back to Portland from college, I started working out more. And it helped that my best friend worked out with me.

While I worked out frequently, like every day, I never really tried running. I always opted for the elliptical or other such machines. After I lost 20 lbs in a weight loss competition last year and tasted what it was like to be my best self and finally in a 'healthy' weight class for my height, I've wanted to get back there so badly. 

We are Runners.
It was easy getting down to 150 last year. At the time, I was working two jobs, both of which was also a social outlet because I worked with all my friends and my boss was my best friend so...it was pretty awesome for a while. My boyfriend also lived in Ohio at the time so I didn't have a distraction in the world. My day was usually going to work, going to the gym, tanning and bed. It was easy to regulate my food intake like crazy, and there were even days I didn't eat or ate celery because I was going to win this challenge darn it! (I came in second...I swear the guy who won cheated....) 

So all those factors made it easy to put in the time and lose the weight. But now, it's much harder. When we moved to Toronto, I hit a record 181 lbs. I was literally like 'what the fuck am I doing?' (apologies for the swearing but I wanted you to get the effect). Last week, two days after Canadian Thanksgiving, I weighed myself again. I am down to 174 lbs! 

While it's still more then I'd like to be, it's a start! I've changed up my work out routine lately, and I think I can thank that change for my recent boost. I've started running. It started two weeks ago when I did a steady job for about 10 minutes. That's huge for me! It's gone up a bit since then and this morning I ran a whole mile at a quick pace in 10 minutes! Then I ran an exta half mile for kicks!

My goal for this working out and life altering: I want to be between 160 and 170 by Christmas. I know it's a broad range, but I'm trying to be realistic. I am determined to get to a certain size by June next year, but I'm also determined to do it in a healthy way in which I can maintain that size.

If you run or work out a lot, what tips do you have for my new routine? Do runner prefer to run inside on a Tredmill or outside?


  1. Hey Freya, I think it's great that you are exercising and trying to stay healthy. I also exercise and have my ups and downs where I completely drop off and avoid the gym for weeks. I am now getting back in shape and have been going spinning at Quad which is great exercise and good for the mind. I did some running outdoor this past summer but stopped because it's too hard on my knees and feet.

    Best of luck!


  2. Ah Freya! This is perfect for me right now! I have been trying to get in to running a lot more lately. Hoping to do a 5k next summer, which doesn't sound like a lot but to run a whole 3 miles straight is a lot (for me). Recently on the treadmill at the gym, I have been doing a fast pace walk at a very high incline. Almost like hiking straight up really fast, haha. You burn quite a bit of calories that way. I stared doing that before I climbed Mt. St. Helen's this summer. I think it helped a lot for the climb. More recently I have been doing that but then after a few mins I decline and jog for a little bit, not a whole mile yet, but hopefully soon. Then I go back up to the high incline at the fast pace going between the two for 30mins. I feel like it helps. as long as I keep at it. I guess my main thing is that I need to go to the gym more than twice a week. lol. But thank you for this! How long do you usually run/do cardio for?