Thursday, February 7, 2013

4th Wall.

I'm coming back down the a bad case of I-Can't-Finish-A-Post-itis. Shit.

I can sit here and think about 30 different things in 4 minutes but I can't seem to nail anything down. 

Legit, just now I was staring off into space. 

The only thought still holding my brain in place is the past. The past isn't exactly a thought, it's more then that but at this time it feels like a moment. It feels like a dream, it never happened, any of it. But if you throw numbers into it, then chunks of time are missing and things don't add up.

I feel like this the moment in my life in which I turn to the camera, break the, what is it, 4th wall? I turn to face the audience and am instantly pulled from the actions behind me, spending all my time staring at people who don't really exist.


  1. Do you carry a little notebook with you everywhere? I started always having a notebook in my purse to write when I have the overwhelming urge to process on paper or want to remember something for later.

    It might help. If you are inspired on the train, you can write. Then, if you want to blog it, you can either expound or just copy what you wrote.

    If nothing else, it may help with personal writing : )


  2. I totally agree with Kirsten! I carry a little notebook around and jot down whatever creative ideas pop into my idea. I can even develop ideas there so writing a blog post isn't totally overwhelming or starting from scratch!

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  3. I always have a notebook on me, but I also use my photo -- inspiration strikes in strange places sometimes. I've found that I just need to stop and write sometimes, get the words and ideas swirling in my head out.