Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day--2013

Today is Valentine's Day and I like it. I like this holiday because I love love. This week I spent a lot of time making treats for my coworkers, the dancer's at the school and Jake. I made truffles, chocolate covered pretzels and rice krispie treats. It was so much fun!

Making truffles!
But now I'm sitting here, on the actual day, and I have like the worst tummy ache. Ug.

Next month is an exciting month for me. Jake mentioned starting something called Whole30 and, after discussing it a lot and looking into more details, we've decided to see how we can make the Whole30/paleo idea part of our everyday life.

As I've discussed before, working out, being healthy and eating well are really important things in my life. But occasionally, I have a hard time sticking to my ideas and plans. I think my life now causes me to eat as a comfort, as a way to hang out with people and as a way to spend time. But I have literally had enough. I have a problem with eating and I want to control it.

So we bought a great book and I've been doing extensive reading on the subject. I am so excited to start the paleo diet! Honestly, I hate using the word "diet" because for a lot of people, including myself, it stimulates thoughts about restrictions and "can't have" and being bad but I'm trying something new. I'm trying to look at it like a good thing! I think trying this out will help me feel physically better and will give me that confidence that I need!

A few years ago, I lost a ton of weight for a work weight loss challenge. While I didn't reach 2nd place and my goal weight in a completely healthy way, I found it easy to do so because I was being challenged by someone. I think that drive was good for me.

I'm hoping to bring that challenge with me as I challenge myself to be happy and also helps that I'm going to a rave in Vegas in June and really want to be comfortable in my body!

So next month starts a better, healthier, happier me! I really want to get started ASAP but literally the day we decided to go for it was the day we went grocery shopping and bought a bunch of stuff and I don't want to waste it. I'm really excited, you guys, like really excited.

I'm going to be keeping a blog/journal about what I eat, how it makes me feel, how I'm coping with the process and all my thoughts in between. I think it's going to be good.

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