Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Daily-O Paleo: Observations

Welcome to day two of the Paleo way of life!

I know it's probably too soon to have any real observations but I do have a few from just the past day and a half that I feel I should get off my chest as to prevent an explosion.

Cumin is my new fave.
1. The food is pretty great actually: I'm lovin' breakfast. This morning we had two eggs, sunny side up, with 2 bacons, slices of avocado and some homemade pico de gallo. Awesome. Everything else seems to be easy, lunch is normal and having a snack is nice. Dinner's are yummy but weird, mostly because I'm used to having to pair my meat with something. Like tonight we have an amazing tasting Mexican beef stew and I feel like I should be paring it with rice or something. But that's ok, I like meat enough to eat on it's own! 

2. My sweet tooth is lonely: I have SUCH a sweet tooth. I spent a good part of last night at work craving sugar. I think it's because I associate work with candy haha! That'll be a rough one to get over.

3. The cooking and cleaning is a little... excessive: Like I said, it maybe be a BIT too soon to tell but I spent a good part of yesterday cooking and this morning. I finally sat down after making breakfast, lunch and dinner and cleaning the kitchen. That means I spend the majority of my free time cooking and cleaning. I need to find a system and fast. If I have no time to do what I want or what I have to do, that I'll be an angry bird.

4. Avocado and coconut: Two of my favorite foods make daily appearance in my diet and I love it. Coconut and avocados are spectacular. 

Other then that, everything seems to be going alright! I'm just finishing up my lunch, tuna with celery, pickles, dill, salt/pepper, mustard and homemade mayo (which was an interesting experience to make and an even more interesting taste) and tomatoes with an avocado. Then I'm going to get ready for work, pack up my dinner and my snack and head to work...hopefully to get some coure work done.  

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  1. My man wants the recipe for the Mexican beef stew! I know I haven't been round lately but we've been living healthier and would love to give it a try. I'm excited to catch up on your blog too!