Monday, March 18, 2013


See the white? That's snow...and that white
is covering a lake...
Maybe it's the lack of sunny sunshine around here, but I've been feeling pretty blue these days. It was probably the week of nothing that's brought me down. I find that I'm not very happy when I'm not very busy. I like being productive. I think I measure happiness by To-Do check lists. 

This week, I chose to write my white board in colorful markers. I started keeping track of things I want to accomplish in my week on a white board behind my computer. I find it helps keep me on task most of the time. As I sit here goofing off, my weekly tasks loom in the background. It works.

It's almost the end of March and that means the home stretch here in Toronto. In July, Jake and I will move again, this time to Arkansas. I think I'm sad because I'm going to miss it here. I really enjoy this city, it's size, it's hustle and bustle, it's noise and smells. I got attached, something you really shouldn't do when you move this often.

But I'm looking forward to next year. Being somewhere drastically different then I'm used to. Somewhere small may be good for a change. We're moving from a city of 2.something million people to a city of about 75,000. I'm hoping to get back in touch with being familiar. I think being somewhere smaller will help me feel like I belong somewhere. 

It's time to gear up my resume and cover letter and get back out there. Maybe that's what's making me blue. I hate job searching and when do you it for a few months out of every year, it takes a lot out of you. I can't wait till I have the same job for more then a year. Well, shit, at least I'm experiencing a lot, right??

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  1. Moving, lots of jobs, not belonging, it all contributes to feeling frustrated, depressed, and grumpy. I understand. I hope you are able to find an actual job doing something you love, rather than the ever frustrating internships : ) I'm empathizing with you, as I prepare to begin working on applications in the next couple of months.