Monday, March 4, 2013

Daily-o Paleo: Week One Round Up

Last week, I started on a voyage into the Paleo world. While it already feels like I've been doing this for a while, it's only been a week. I've already faced a few challenges but have maneuvered through them and come out the other side a little bit stronger. Here is a recap of my week:

Day One (Tuesday): 
Breakfast: Frittata (bell peppers, onions, garlic, mushrooms, bacon) with avocado slices
Lunch: Shredded herb chicken (home roasted) and balsamic mushroom lettuce wraps (with tomato, cucumber and carrot)
Snack: Turkey rolls ups (deli turkey rolled up with assorted fillings, like apple and red cabbage, cucumber and carrot, etc)
Dinner: Spicy Stuffed Bell Peppers

Day 2: Mexican Stew.
Day Two (Wednesday):
Breakfast: 2 eggs sunny side up, 2 rashers of bacon, half an avocado and homemade Pico de Gallo (which was fantastic)
Lunch: Tuna (celery, pickles, dill, homemade mayo, salt and pepper) mixed with tomatos in an avocado
Snack: Almond butter and celery with raisins and coconut chips
Dinner: Mexican Slow Cooked Stew

Day Three (Thursday):
Day 3: Lunch.
Breakfast: Eggs and bacon baked into a tomato 
Lunch: Asian Fusion salon on bok choy with cauliflower rice
Snack: Trail mix (almonds, cashews, coconut chips, raisins)
Dinner: N/A 

Day Four (Friday):
Breakfast: Zucchini hash, bacon and eggs
Lunch: Shrimp Slaw (shrimp, red cabbage, hard boiled egg, cucumber, tomato mixed in a lemon dill and garlic dressing)
Snack: Beef Jerky and trail mix
Dinner: Double chicken shawarma on lettuce with tomatos, olives and cucumbers

Day Five (Saturday):
Breakfast: Coffee and a pear 
Lunch: Left over shrimp slaw
Snack: Trail mix
Dinner: Korean BBQ (Bulgogi)  

Day Six (Sunday):
Breakfast: Sausage, 2 eggs and avocado slices with Pico de Gallo
Lunch: N/A
Snack: Trail Mix
Dinner: Chinese 5 spice roasted chicken breasts, Waldorf salad and spicy yam spears

Today makes day 7. 

If I'm honest, I've been enjoying myself. I only had one little challenge. On Friday (Day 4) I had to go out to eat with my coworkers and that was difficult. We went (originally) to an English pub, which if you knew me, is my favorite kind of food. I grew up with that shit. It was really hard. But, long story short, we didn't have enough time to eat there so we got shawarma from a small pita place. That was easier for me.

On Day 5, Jake and I decided to go out to eat. Originally, we wanted to go to this smoke house in the Roncy but there was a hour and a half wait. No, thanks. So we were hungry, it was late and I was getting cranky. We ended up at this packed Korean BBQ place and had such a fantastic meal. We had all those side salad-y things, pickled this and that. The we ordered Bulbogi and Korean ribs or something. They brought out large lettuce leaves and a small BBQ that we cooked our meat on the table. It was great! Absolutely going there again. 

What were my favorite foods eaten this past week?
For sure breakfast. I can totally get behind any meal that centers around bacon. Especially when you buy bacon (and all your other meat) from Sanagan's Meat Locker in Kensington Market. Even though it's expensive-ish, it's worth it if meat is what your life is revolving around.

Other then breakfast (if you like Pico de Gallo, I'll totally send you this recipe I have, it's so good), I loved the Asian Salmon over bok choy with cauliflower rice, which is totally my new favorite. 

The food in general was great...I mean obviously, I made it all (with help from Jacob)! 

What is my one complaint for the past week?
I actually have two. The first is the amount of cooking and cleaning I seem to do every single day. I'm working on a system of what I can do to reduce the amount of time spent in the kitchen each morning.

The second complaint is that my stomach hasn't quite settled with this new diet. Someday's it's fine, other days it really hurts. I know it'll go away with time but...seriously...hurry up, bro.

In summary, that is my first week with the Paleo lifestyle. I'm excited to see what the future holds and to experiment with my food. It's been fun so far, finding replacements for my old favorite foods. Obviously, nothing will replace ice cream or a bagel but I'm hoping this new recipe I found for coconut whipped cream will put a little smile on my berries later...I'l share that next week!

PS: If there is any recipe you are interested in, e-mail me ( and I'll send it to you!

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