Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mid-Week Stretching.

Oh boy! It's half way through the March break and I'm trying to decide if I've made good use of my time. But according to my white board, I've accomplished a good amount of things.

Paleo apple pie...up soon!
I started 90 Days of Fitness on Monday. I have 100 days until EDC 2013 and my goal it to be comfortable in a swim suit and shorts. I originally gave myself 100 days, none stop but Jake pointed out that sometimes there will be forces outside my control in which I cannot go to the gym. Thus, I gave myself a collective 10 days off. 

We're going on day three and I am the most sore person on the planet. I feel like I'm 90 half the time. But I have high hopes! I think this combined with paleo will be really good for me. I've been feeling good, other then the sore muscles.

But all I've seemed to do this week is cook, go to the gym and blog. In all honesty, however, I've been really enjoying myself. Tomorrow I think I'm going to take some of my older items to a local consignment store for either cash or trade. It's time to let go of my old clothes and look for something better.

So far, it's been a pretty enjoyable week!

Check out my recipe page, From My Kitchen, With Love, for some cool paleo recipes (trying ginger lime shrimp tonight, it'll go up tomorrow if it's any good!) and I also have a new book page where I list the 50 books I want to read this year. I'm open to suggestions! 

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  1. I got some new clothes just the other day. I think that if you aren't celebrating your heathy body it is too easy to fall back into old habits. I hope you found something good!