Thursday, November 29, 2012

Can I Help You??

Something I would like to know is who invented customer service.

I'm sitting here at my desk, minding my own business and doing my work. I talk politely to people, not because I have to but because it's in my nature. I smile and make jokes because I'm nice. But then in flies Hurricane Bitch over here who decides it's okay to be rude and raise her voice and look down at me (well, she looks down at me because she's standing and I'm sitting but it really adds to the effect of anger!).

I guess there was something wrong with her account that she was pissed off about and decided to some take it out on me. Now this would be all fine and legit if I was the one who caused the problem but I'm not. And let's face it, everyone knows I don't actually make any of the rules or regulations, I just get the wonderful job of enforcing them.

My Life.
After she left, the heat started to leave my cheeks and my heart stopped racing. And as I sat here, letting the waves calm if you will, I started thinking about customer service. Who in the hell invented that position? In many cases, people who work customers service are normal, nice people who face the same trials and tribulations as everyone else but because they answer phones, greet you at a table, answer your questions and are generally the face of many businesses and corporations, they get treated like shit. But why is that?

Let's be real: I'm a nice person. I like making people smile. I like helping people out. Generally, I get off on making someone else happy (sorry for being vulgar, it just fit). So why should I sit here, when I do my job and I do my job well, just to be yelled at by someone who isn't happy about something that has nothing to do with me? Because somehow, customer service has developed to be this way over time.

When I started waitressing, I started thinking more and more about how I treat customer service type people. When I have to call about a bill or am taking an item back to the store or have to talk to people in general really, I think about how I would feel to be yelled at. It's not very fun, actually. I understand that sometimes you do get a bitch for a server or that the person at T Mobile really is an idiot but do your karma a favor, go into the situation thinking about someone else's feelings for a change, it may help you out in the future.

That or try being a waitress for a while. Either you'll start seeing the other side of it or your heart will freeze over and you'll join the ranks of the rude, inconsiderate bitch army that populate most of the world.

If you couldn't tell, I feel strongly about this issue. But I'm being serious. Just be nice to people, it makes you smile more, it makes other people smile more, it makes the world a better place, people.

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