Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Congratulations, America, you did the right thing.

There's something exciting about watching a country decide it's future. There's something about participating in it as well. I'm 24 and this is my second election. I'm proud to say I voted Obama and will support him no matter what happens. 

I never before got into politics as much as I did this year. Yes, I voted Obama in 2008 and yes, I voted Obama mainly because I was raised liberal and have liberal family and friends. While I knew it was the right choice, I couldn't tell you my point of view on any of the issues. I don't even think I could even tell you any of the issues. So this year, as the early months passed, I made a point to educate myself.

It all started with rape. It did, it really did. I woke up one morning to find Todd Akin all over my Facebook and Twitter feed. I remember thinking, 'is this a joke? is this guy joking?' But he wasn't. Then I started reading. And the more I read, the more horrified I became. Funny how educating yourself can be horrifying at the same time.

I have vowed something to myself over the past few months. I vowed that I will be politically engaged in the future. Where I live, I will read up on the local issues, I will understand how the community around me flows, I will keep up on national and even international events. I want to take an educated and positive stance on my future.

On that note, I would like to say congratulations to my fellow Americans. It was really a close race. I was quite nervous at time, I must say. Being in Canada, where the election wasn't the the most important thing on the news, it was interesting talking with people about it and getting a completely different view. I feel like I'm more in tune with how I feel about my country now.

We will move forward, not backwards. We recognize that things change and cannot thrive staying the same. 

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