Saturday, November 10, 2012

Coffee Snob.

I love coffee. I mean,  I look forward to mornings so I can drink coffee. And I proceed to drink it all day a-long.

Saturday coffee at work.
The cool thing about my coffee addiction is that I'm not a picky coffee drinker. I don't have a specific bean blend or roast. I don't drink a specific brand or type. Coffee is coffee is coffee is coffee to me. As blasphemous as it may sound, I almost dislike Starbucks (and I'm from the west coast, I know, I know...) but I do loath Dunkin Donuts more... Anyway, what I'm getting at is that I love coffee but not any particular kind.

But, I am picky about what goes in my coffee. Usually, I enjoy a little sugar, not much. I alternate between white sugar, brown sugar, no sugar and sweetener. I like the different ways the different sugars/sweeteners make it taste. It keeps everything fresh and different.

What I cannot, absolutely c a n n o t do differently any time I have coffee is the change the cream. And when I say cream, I mean cream. The only (coffee whitener, as it's called here in Canada) thing I put in my coffee is either half and half, cream or flavored coffee creamer. Milk? Get that ish away from my coffee. Milk is not meant to be put into coffee. Unless, m a y be  it's whole milk.

There's something about the way milk makes my coffee look (and taste, obvi). I loath the gray color my coffee becomes when *shudder* milk cuts it. Coffee should be a lovely, warm light brown. it should be inviting with it's warmth, not gross and gray. Jake doesn't really like anything in his coffee so he's set with milk. A few drops and some cinnamon is all he needs. But I need more then that.

Milk in coffee is just wrong.

Is there anything you have to have in your coffee? What about anything that you just can't have in your coffee?

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  1. tall blonde roast in a venti cup topped up with water - that's the only way, escepot when I get the free one then it's a venti latte with an add shot - the only time I take milk is when it's steamed