Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Are you Pinterested?

If you enjoy blogging or reading blogs or DIY or just food,
you probably know Pinterest. 
I was INSTANTLY addicted.
Because there is so much to look at on Pinterest, 
I decided to narrow my current obsessions down to a few things
and share them with you!

1. My mother inspired me with this canned goods filled pantry.
One day I shall own a pantry and it shall look like this.

2. I was going to say I can't wait to have kids so it's finally acceptable to have a tree shaped bookcase, but I think I might actually look into this for my adult self.

3. I love this dresser (?). It's so beautiful! I also love the skirt she's wearing.

4. I know I shouldn't be thinking about weddings just quite yet, but thanks to my sister, I've been noticing things i'd like in a wedding since she got married last year! But I just can't forget about this beautiful black ribbon.

5. I think I might have posted about this...BUT I love, love, LOVE this pony dress DIY from A Beautiful Mess. I've been searching for a white dress now.

6. This mug would make it easier to get up in the morning.
It's just so cute!

7. The BEST idea for a condiment tray.

8. I apologize for the swearing but...lets face it....

9. This is the best mat. And it includes lots o' wine drinking!

10. I am in LOVE with HEELS these days. I'm scared that I will turn into Carrie and start buying more and more and more...I find myself seeing some and thinking "$56? That's not too bad..." When it IS! I have a problem guys.

What are some of your finds on Pinterest??


  1. These are some really lovely finds on Pinterest. I hardly Pinterest anymore - all those visuals make me a bit hypo. But I love seeing what other bloggers favourite.

  2. I LOVE the I will NOT keep calm, that is SOO you Freya! Love it! I saw that tree bookcase on Pinterest also and I would like one too! And I notice wedding dresses these days too, I think most girls thought about them before we did, so we are doing good! Some girls plan their weddings super early, Ive just started thinking about what things I'd maybe want. :))