Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bridge The Gap: Nautical

Alright, I have something to confess:
I love the nautical look.
The blue and white.
The stripes.
The hats and the accents of red.
Love. Love. LOVE.
I have something else to confess:
I have gone sailing at least sixty times not even ONCE.
But there's something about the beautiful, classic look of 
those stripes and cuffs.
Looking at pictures makes me want to summer at the lake
with the family.

I really love that the nautical look has traveled through time and is finding it's new home in fashion today!!
I got inspiration for my post today from Tomboy Style,
which I talk about in my post, "Bloggy Blog Blog."
There's something about the light blue stripes that just does it for me!

What's your favorite fashion trend from the past
that's making a come back today??

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