Monday, March 26, 2012

Music Monday: Hot Mess

Oh, gracious! 
It has been what feels like YEARS since I've seen all your lovely faces :)
The past weekend was wonderful!
Very exhausting, yes.
But wonderful!


My weekend was full of parties, hiking, happy hour and New Jersey!
And not to forget:
Don't worry, I'll make a post this week for my thoughts on Hunger Games :)
(Because I know how much you want to hear all my opinions!)

As you go about your day today,
I would like you to take a look at HOT MESS,
a wonderfully talented and devoted band originally from
Chico, California that has relocated to Nashville to get their sound out there.
While I've known about Hot Mess for a while, 
I only started listening to them recently!
And boy, what have I missed out on!

Check out this video and how ROCKIN they are!
Then check out THEIR WEBSITE and some 'em some love!

Have a great Monday and stay in tune with me,
we're going to be accomplishing a lot of fun things this week!!

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