Saturday, March 17, 2012

Color Me ORANGE!

So today is a pretty cool day.
And I love GREEN as much as the next guy...
(See, I do love green!)
But I think the forgotten St Patty's Day color is ORANGE!
Alright but lets be honest. 
Orange isn't the BEST color or the most FLATTERING or colors.
Actually, I usually only associate it with Halloween and pumpkins.
But for this Saturday Color Scheme, I decided to pay tribute to the color:

Love this orange dress!
I enjoy these...I don't know if I could pull them OFF howwever....

This cabinet would be a nice accent in a living room!

I actually love this picture and color!

Even orange food!

I thoroughly enjoy all things orange right now.
I even bought these:

What orange items do you enjoy??


  1. oh I SO wish we celebrated st. patrick here in Italy too =) I love orange for summer, I actually have a pair of ballerinas

    1. You could have your own personal celebration! Just a day to wear orange and green :O)

  2. I wish I could reply with photos, I LOVE Orange Bell Peppers, Carrots raw and cooked, Carving Pumpkins! Umm ... Orange Soda, Cheez its, Cheeeeeese, mmm butternut squash!! Haha mostly Orange foods! Oh Orange sunsets are bad either :) But I dont prefer to wear orange with my pale skin

    1. I wish you could too!! I'm having orange bell peppers with my dinner! And I totally forgot about cheese!! I so do love cheese :) I want to get into orange more, I feel it's a summer color though...maybe after I build a sort of tan I'll get into wearing more of it!