Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bloggy Blog Blog: What I'm Reading

As I work to expand my blog and my knowledge about blogging,
I do a LOT of reading.
I follow and read 37 blogs daily,
(Thank you Bloglovin!)
and try to keep lists and binders of inspiration!

So as I sit here catching up on some blog reading 
before I catch my train to work,
I decided that I want to post in honor of Spring this week 
and show you the 5 blogs I read that are talking about,
you guessed it,

1. Camille Styles is everything I want to be and MORE. I don't know how I came across her blog but I am SO glad I did! Today she didn't really post about Spring necessarily but she did post about something that I noticed yesterday myself: All my friends are having babies! Check out her latest post but also stop by her inspiration section, it's wonderful there!

2. A new blog I'm following is EatDrinkChic based out of Australia! Her page is so pleasing to the eyes and has given me lots of inspiration! Check out her post for today, it talks about Spring fashion! 

3. Kendi Everyday is slowly working it's way up on my favorite's list!
I just love her fashion! I find myself shopping at the same places as she does 
she it makes me excited that one day I can have fashion posts like hers! Today, her outfit is just too adorable!

4. City of Dionne is a place I am still exploring but the first few glaces at the page are so aesthetically pleasing, you can't help but read further!
With a post titled Colors of the Sun, I couldn't NOT mention her!! So much color! it just brightens this day!

5. Dream Delight Inspire does all three of those for me! It's so dreamy, delightful and inspirational! She has such a variety of posts that I love. Today isn't about Spring, which would be the theme of my post, but she talks about dreams, and to me, that's Spring like!

I hope you enjoy reading what I'm reading! Maybe you can see where I get some ideas and who I idolize! I love that I idolize seemingly normal and everyday people!

What do you think?
Who do YOU enjoy reading??

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