Friday, March 9, 2012

Thrifty Friday!

I'm pretty sure that if I could spend everyday, or at least every OTHER day at a thrift store...I would. 
I use to HATE going into thrift stores because the items weren't "new."
But I think it's just a young persons obsession with "new" things...
I spent my afternoon (a good three hours) at Goodwill and Savers (for those Best Coasters, Savers is a HUGE Goodwill. I could burn 6 hours there at LEAST).
While I was more successful at Goodwill,
I blame my lack of time and attention span to my short time at Savers. 
There's just so much to look at that I can only go there in shifts.

This is what I found!

4 new wine glasses, a bottle for salad dressing and
a cast-iron muffin pan (super old) in the shape of DINOSAURS! 

A green sweater (that I'm currently wearing),
a nude cardigan and a black jean dress (yes, I say
dress) and this RUSK bag, leather and super nice.

I love these earrings too.

I was so excited about all my finds, as usual, but I was the MOST excited about the muffin tin! It's super heavy and when Jake looked at the back, it said made in 1887 or something CRAZY like that.
While I still really enjoy shopping at my favorite stores, like Forever 21 and H&M for good deals, there's something about finding a treasure at a thrift store that makes it all worth while, ya know?

One item I HAD to pass up and was very sad about was this:

Isn't is wonderful?? I wanted it so badly. It was from England too! But it was $30 and I really have no use for it. Jake's really going to hate me as I get older...I'm going to fill our house with things that are pretty yet I don't really need!!

What are some of your favorite thrifty finds??


  1. Okay, so reading your blog this morning on thrift stores, I HAD to hit up a few of my own. I came across a glass spaghetti noodle jar. Which you wouldn't know it BUT they really don't sell them anymore. I've been searching for what feels like ages, and all I find are glass containers(not tall enough for spaghetti) or the plastic ones for 15$, NOT OKAY! So today walking through thrifting along, and I YELLL OMG SPAGHETTI JAR!! A few looked over at me and chuckled, I was proud! And also I found a cute silky black around the wrist bag(for nighttime outings) and two perfect condition cooling racks! Baking will ensue!

    Thanks for the inspiration Love!

    1. I love thrifting! I wish I could do it every week! But you really need to wait a bit so all the good stuff comes around :)

  2. Also I'm SUUUUUPER Jelly of your Dinosaur pan!