Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rainy Weekend: NYC

A few months back we (Jacob and I) planned a trip to Ohio
to catch up with friends and spend a weekend like we were back in college.

But because of work, we couldn't go.

So instead, I planned a really nice weekend in the city!!
I'm ok with that :)
As I write this post, Jacob is getting ready to hop
on the train with me, coffee's and bagels in hand.
We will trek to the city come rain or some shine.
I mean we're from Oregon so it's really all the same thing.

We have a gallery walk and brunch planned followed by
an open bar after party.

This could mean trouble!

Pictures will follow tomorrow as well as a creative post!

What plans do you have this weekend??


  1. Can't wait to see the pictures!! Happy Saturday xoxo

    I was wondering if youwould let me design a header for you, so I can practice my photoshop skills <3

  2. Have the best time! Just a liitle jealous:)

  3. so glad that you popped in to say hello. i'm really enjoying your blog and i think i'll be wandering around for a bit. it seems that we might be kindred spirits. hope to see you around the blog again soon
    xo bhrett

  4. Ooo have fun!! I hope the weather held out for ya! Yesterday was cold down here! =)

  5. How FUN, and what a way to make a new plan work! :) I'm moving to NYC in I'm all for any trips to the city...hehe!