Friday, March 16, 2012

Oh the place I want to GO!

I'm a dreamy person, always thinking about where ELSE I could be.
I've wanted to travel my whole life!
So I began thinking this morning about WHERE I would want to go today if I could go anywhere.
It was very clear right away!
Where could I go that is wonderfully exotic, colorful, happy and a HUGE party?
(All requirements for travel ;) )

The colors, the people, the Samba music,
it'd be the perfect vacation!
Carnival is a celebration held before Lent in
Rio de Janeiro.
The streets fill with over 2 MILLION people in wild costumes.
According to my fav reference site, Wiki,
the carnival parade is used to showcase all the Samba schools in Rio.
A Samba school could be an actually school or a neighborhood that wants to be in the parade.
Each school comes up with a theme and designs a float and elaborate costumes to best represent that theme.

Music and dancing are HUGE during Carnival.
Check out this Samba song!


Can you imagine wandering around the street of Rio just surrounded by drums and dancing people?
I love parades because they usually have drum lines but this would be the ULTIMATE drum line!

Check out some pictures below and let me know what you think!

It looks like Vegas on steroids!

Not to mention, Rio itself is just plain GORGEOUS! 

Would you travel to Rio for Carnival if you could?

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  1. I definitely would! I want to travel my hole life too. With my boyfriend we are dreaming to travel without having a fixed home, then after we'll have visited the entire the world we'll stop in the place we liked the most =)