Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bloggy Blog Blog

Waking up in the morning is always hard.
I've always envied those individuals that can wake up and GET up all in the same hour period of time.
My favorite activity (much to my boyfriends disgust) is waking up and laying around in bed on the weekends.
Whether it's cuddling, laughing or catching up on some morning time reading, I just feel so relaxed and comfy in my bed!

One thing that helps me wake up and stay awake is reading.
I will usually hop onto Facebook to see what the world was up to whilst I was dreaming.
But lately, I've been Bloglovin!
It's a fantastic way to keep on top of the blogs you read.
And I read a LOT of blogs.
Speaking of, lets take a look at some posts from the blogs I love to read!

1. Food Coma is one of my favorites. Can you guess why?? YES! It IS because I love food! She just has some awesome recipes and is fun to read! It's currently on my to do list to make THESE delicious looking Southwestern Rolls.

2. A Beautiful Mess was the first blog I started reading. I don't remember how I came across this wondrous world of projects, recipes, crafts and style pointers. But it's such a great place to get lost in! Elsie really sparked my creative fire again! It's from her blog where I got my wreath ideas! Check her out! (And her sister, who writes for A Beautiful Mess AND Food Coma!) This blog also just won Best DIY Blog 2012! Totally deserves it, too!

3. Eat Sleep Cuddle is another must read blog I follow. She has such great photography and I love her style! Her labels make searching for something really easy, you just find a word in the cloud that fits what you want to see and click on it! I loved that idea and imposed in on my blog here!

4. Fork and Vine is extra-special to my heart these days since it's based out of Portland! Her blog is so easy to follow and fun to look at. I love all the posts about food, obvio, and am striving to build a recipe box just like hers! I want it to be summer so I can try THIS delicious concoction. 

5. Tomboy Style is moving up on my list of Must-Read-Every-Day blogs. While I love fashion, I don't really have any trends that are just mine, nor do I have inspiration that I've been looking to for years. Tomboy Style is really nice to just look through the book of ages when it comes to style. I love all the different women she features!!

Those are just 5 on the long, long list I have created on Bloglovin! What blogs do you enjoy reading daily, weekly or monthly?!


  1. Such a great selection of blogs. I love Eat Sleep Cuddle already but will be adding the others to my reading list. Thanks for sharing! x

    1. Thanks for reading! I'll be checking out yours as well!