Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Favorite Things

I spent my morning doing laundry and catching up on unread blogs. I've seen so many amazing things this morning that I felt like making a little list of some of MY favorite things!

I want to be here...and I want it to be warm on my skin.

1. Old CD's. I pulled out my Maroon 5 crush and played my favorite song. I remember driving from Portland to Ashland during college, willing a boyfriend to feel this way about me!

2. I am obsessed with this lately. Jake bought one at Ikea and I love it! Makes everything taste like wonderful this!

3. I want a hand stamped pony dress!

4. I had an obsession with ear accessories in college and owned a lot of them, including a cute octopus that I promptly lost. I want it back!

5. I'm attempting to become a more serious blogger. To do this, I must have more TIME for one but I need to READ more. Bloglovin is a great way to do so! I just had to spend a few extra minutes reading all my new blog posts!

6. I've been itching to travel. I want to go somewhere that's warm and sparkly and festive and summer like. I think it's time for some heat.

7. I want purple hair.

8. I would like to have a tea party and make some lovely invitations and serve blueberry vodka lemonade. Ok, so it'd be a big girl tea party but it's fun to dress up anyway!

9. I want to join Team That Guy instead of Team Jacob of Twilight.

10. And while I feel THIS WAY inside most of the time, I try to reflect JOY as often as I can! 

I hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday! What are some of your favorite things??


  1. Hey Freya! Hope you are well! I use photobucket for storing and editing my photos, and I size them all at 600 pixels wide. When I put them in a blog post, I make sure they are centered and all the same size, and that's how they turn out so neat and orderly. Good luck!

  2. That dress is super cute. Nice find :)

    1. Isn't it wonderful?! I can't wait to buy it :) Waiting for pay day! Thanks for the comment!