Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weekend Warrior

 I feel my brain has gone on vacation and shall return
three weeks from yesterday Monday.

In that case, I want to take this time to continue my
day-dreamy thoughts and plan some fun activities for this weekend!

I love blue sky.

Last night, I started making a Pinata for a friends
birthday BBQ on Sunday.
I checked it this morning and it's still a bit soft
so I'm thinking a few more layers needs to go on it.
Sadly, I don't think it will be ready in time for Sunday,
but I'll still finish it!

Today, Jacob and I are heading out and about
to explore the nature that surrounds us!
I'm really excited because I miss Oregon.
You could drive 6 minutes and go hiking in Oregon.
Or to swimming.
Or biking.

Ah, Oregon. How I love you.

Tonight we're heading into Hoboken 
to visit a work buddy of Jake's.
I'm excited!
I love going on the train for any reason anything that 
doesn't involve work.
I love going to, through or around the city.
I love the vibes I get from New York.
I love the people I meet.
The places I see.
The food I eat.
It's just a pretty friggin great place.

Oh tomorrow, you can't come FAST ENOUGH!
Tomorrow, I'm getting together with a small group of girls
and we're going to see the 1 pm showing of...

I'm so excited!!
I'm a really HUGE book hipster.
And a huge book nerd.
I love books!!!!

Anywho, I hope you lovely readers all have MARVELOUS weekends!!!
Any suggestions for next weekend?
Or any good books you think I should check out??

Tell me about your weekend!!

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