Monday, March 19, 2012

Music Monday: The Lumineers

I have the hardest time with Monday's.
After a nice weekend of relaxing and hanging out with my boyfriend,
the last thing I want to is get out of bed and start my day!
So it usually helps me to start with a wonderful song!

Brunch in April introduced me to The Lumineers.
My favorite song so far is as follows:

It's so pleasant and happy.
With such a great beat and the lyrics I love!
Don't you agree??

Since I started listening to this song, I started listening to ALL their songs!
(Thank you Youtube for being so awesome!)
Once I had listened for a few songs, I got curious about their beginning.
So I checked out their website.
A tragic start to a wonderful sound!
I even bought tickets to their show here in Fairfield! 
Check out their site and see if they're coming to a venue near you!

What do you think??
What songs help YOU get out of bed in the morning??

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