Monday, March 12, 2012

Music Monday


Ok so if you are familiar with Gotye and his hit "Somebody that I used to know," 
then you should be familiar with at least how Kimbra sounds!
(As an interjection, my favorite Gotye song is Eyes Wide Open. Go listen :) )

I fell in love with her after that video and have become obsessed.
I love the way she sounds! Plus I think she's beyond adorable. 
She's a little quirky, which I think is great. 
She doesn't have a tour yet in the US but her CD comes out in May!
I know someone who'll be buying it (This guy!)
I think my favorite thing about her is her live videos.
She still sounds amazing and I believe that shows real talent!

So for my first Music Monday, Kimbra is my pick!
Watch the video below and visit her WEBSITE!


  1. You posted Gotye a while ago and I got hooked, and now I may be hooked on this Kimbra you rave about, I am looking up more songs as we speak!

    1. She's so great :) i love the song she did with Miami Horror. I can't remember what it's called, something like 'I look to you' but it's really good!