Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall Week: School Supplies

I think we all can agree that our favorite part about going back to school was getting new school supplies. There was something about receiving that school supply list in the mail. I'd pour over it for days before my mom would take us. Picking the right binder was utterly important. 

Here are some school supplies that I miss getting every year:

Pencil Box.

I think pencil boxes were one of the most important parts about starting school. The pencil box and the binder really set the tone for back to school. Man, remember when the pencil box became uncool and suddenly the pencil pouch was in? My world was over. 


New coloring supplies will always make me a happy person. I don't care how old I get. I will always love coloring!

Must Have.

For a long time, I only wanted the 5 Star binder. It was chock full of cool secret compartments, zippers and fun pencil holders. But as I got older, I changed back to the standard three-ring binder...mostly because I could keep things in the sleeves on the cover and totally personalize it! 

Jan Sport.

For a while, my sister had a green Jan Sport backpack and I wanted nothing more than to copy her. But over the years, my taste in backpacks changed...a lot.  From the standard bag, to a fancy bag with tons of different pouches to one shoulder bags. I wonder where all the old backpacks go to die...By college, I was fully into totes bags. But that's standard because you just have to carry so much!

What are you favorite school supplies?

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