Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Drink: Lavender Cosmo

This Saturday, I' focusing more on a cocktail that I don't normally order: Cosmopolitans. 

Cosmopolitan via Esquire.

While I do enjoy Cosmos, I think it's the stereotypes that makes me avoid ordering them in bars. Unless it's girls night. 

Sex and the City made Cosmos popular, as it was the drink of choice for Carrie and her gal pals. They look fancy but in reality, they're just glorified vodka and cranberry drinks put into fancy, but in my opinion impossible to hold without spilling, martini glasses. 

A typical Cosmo has vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec and lime juice. This basic recipe allows bartenders and self-proclaimed mixologists to remix the recipe as they see fit.

One girl's night back in Oregon, my best friend Joanna and I went for drinks and dinner on a lovely summer Friday night. We ended up at Manzana in Lake Oswego. As we sat at the bar waiting for our table on their awesome patio, we decided on our drink of choice: a Lavender Cosmopolitan. 

Lavender Cosmopolitan:
Absolut Manderin vodka, parfait amour, fresh lime sour, cranberry juice, lavender sugar rim

And it was incredible. I loved the use of parfait amour, it added just a hint of an exotic flavor. Parfait amour is a liqueur that has a rose petals, almonds and vanilla as it's flavor base, however it's used mostly for it's color.  
The stand out feature of this drink for me, besides being strong, was the lavender sugar rim. I love when drinks have a sugar or salt rim. I think it adds to the appeal and the flavor without chaging the drink recipe. And it looks pretty!!

I recommend getting one if you see it on the menu, or trying to make it yourself! It's a very simple, elegant, girly drink! 

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