Thursday, September 6, 2012

Funny Thing About Life...

While this week I've been on a posting schedule to get my life in order, I thought of something that needed to be shared. 

Finding a good mirror is hard to do.


I've never been a worshiper of mirrors but I have noticed something lately. The mirror in my apartment is horrible! And I can't avoid it, ever! It's right in the middle of the apartment!

I walk by it a million times a day and it takes everything not to look in it. I am a 5'10" curvy woman and I have a hard time feeling short. But I feel short in this mirror! Short and chubby! 

I felt the need to share because I was overly appalled. On the other hand, the mirror at work makes me feel great! And the mirror at Jake's work...strangely...

Have you experienced mirror woe? 

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