Monday, September 10, 2012

The Subway Diaries: 8 A.M

It's alive this morning. The 8-9 A.M. rush makes the heat in here tangible inside the train and tunnels. It's been raining this morning, which only reiterates the feeling of fall that's been thrust upon us. Two girls wait next to me, both wearing uniforms. It's still weird to see kids in uniforms.

The train pulls up and it's packed with people. Most offload but the seats are still jammed with riders. This line is much more interesting then the line I use to ride. They're actually people on this line. 

An elderly lady steps onto the train. She's wearing dark glasses and carrying a walking cane. Three people reach out to help her locate a seat, guiding her hands to feel the poles and the warm, crushed velvet of the subway seats. I'm not sure if you'd see people being so nice in the States. I hope you would.

A tough looking hipster gets on the train. By tough I mean he's wearing mostly black, with a leather vest. He's no taller then me but has tattoos and a shaved head. While he's probably mid 40's, he dresses like mid 20's, with his cuffed pants and fitted T. As he turns to sit, I spot a brown yoga mat. Who would have known he was a yoga man. Maybe that's where he got his biceps.

The train comes out of the tunnels for a few minutes and I'm able to see around me. The sky is gray, matching sidewalks and gravel. Ivy crawls up the embankment next to the tracks. Paper clings to the chain-link fence, glued there by the wind and the rain. 

I wonder where all these people are heading. School? Work? Other? College starts this week. I wish I were starting a new school year. New books, new challenges, new friends. I would go back in a heart beat.

A train passes by. It looks as though it may explode due to all the people inside. A girl wearing a white polo looks out from the back window. We lock eyes for a while. It makes me feel strange, like I'm looking in through a dark window during a private moment. It's interesting how we let people in for those fleeting moments. 

The train starts to empty the closer to York Mills we get. I feel more like  can breath with all the people leaving. Lawrence is next, York Mills soon. On this calm moment, I'm ready to start my day.

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  1. I often wonder about the details of people roaming the world with me. I always think to myself: are they comparable, better, or worse than myself? I think too much sometimes:)