Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Drink: Bloody Mary

Alright, if you know me, you know that my favorite drink of all time is a Bloody Mary. I could drink them all day, every day, all the time. It's kind of a sick obsession.

I've had at least one Bloody Mary a week for as long as I've been legally drinking and as a result, I've been taking pictures of them for a while. 

I enjoy Bloody Mary's for their savory flavors, salty taste and interactive ability. A good Bloody Mary will have three things:

1. Salt: I need the rim of my glass to have salt on it, not the fine salt but the salt in big chunks. I. love. Salt. I also get a lot of salt on my margaritas, too. It cuts the sweetness.

2. Spice: A good BM to me has a definite kick. I need to pull away from my straw with a certain heat in my throat.

3. Garnishes: BM's should be garnished. On the west coast, all BM's come with at least celery, maybe sometimes a few olives. I say, the more garnish the better! (Let's also just say that east coast Bloody Mary's SUCK but I'll get to that next week!)

So here is the first picture that I will share with you. It was, by far, my favorite Bloody Mary to date.

I drank this beauty at the Portland International Airport at about 9 p.m.. Jacob and I were flying back to Connecticut after spending Christmas with our families. It's Hammond-Williams tradition that every trip to the airport, mostly to see people off, is topped off with a drink before. 

This drink had it all. The salt, the spice and the garnish. The garnish received an A+ in my book.  I mean look at it! It's a friggin salad! There's tomato, olives and a pepper. To top it off, that pepperoni slice was the best addition I've ever seen. It was so good. So good.

Do you like Bloody Mary's?

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  1. Wow! I adore Bloody Mary's, and that one looks incredible. I mean, a pepperoni slice? Genius!