Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Drink: Bloody Mary Part 2

Happy Saturday, everyone! I'm glad we made it. This week was ridic. (Side note, did you check out yesterday's post from my September Sponsor?! You should probably do that :) )

Anyway, last Saturday I shared with you my favorite drink pretty much ever. E.V.E.R. It was the Bloody Mary! If you didn't catch it, check it out here. I mentioned in the post that I think Bloody Mary's on the east coast suck. And I stand by that! But I'll get to it after I show you another great BM!

I had this beauty last December at the Mcmenamins in Clackamas, Oregon. Jake and I had flown the red eye from New York to Portland for Christmas. We went Christmas shopping that day and I was super sick. So I thought I'd drink my blues away. While it didn't exactly work out (I was sick for at least two more days) I felt good for the few moments I had this beverage in front of me!

Is it weird that I can remember almost every Bloody Mary I've had? I'm okay with that.

The BM last weekend was amazing, not only because of flavor, but because it was garnished (what I consider) to be properly. This drink had all the flavor, plus some pretty cool garnish. And look at all that salt! Totally an A in my book. No doubt.

Now, I mentioned why I hate east coast BM's and it's because there's no garnish. Obvio, I can only talk from my personal experiences but I tried at least 7 different BM's at 7 different bars from New Haven, CT to New York City. Mostly what I encountered was a thin mix that was too Tobasco spicy and not enough pepper spice. 

If I may add that Canada has it all wrong when it comes to my fave tomato red drink. While getting a yummy hung over lunch with Jake, I ordered what seemed to be a good second choice: a Ceasar. It may look like a BM but it is not. Instead of a spicy tomato mix, the Ceasar is a mix of tomato juice and clam broth. I know, clam broth. I thought it sounded...interesting. But I am just not convinced. I may try it again to score you guys a picture but it will not be pleasurable. 

Which BM do you like the look of: This week or last week? Have you tried a Ceasar??

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  1. Love myself a bloody mary! ;)