Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Totally Forgot to Tell You....

This is going to be a busy week for me (starting a new job and thus four 12 hour days in a row, yikes!) so I have pre-planned posts all ready for me BUT I thought I'd pop in a tell you something really weird.

Is America subject to this weird-chip-flavor phenomenon? Lays and Doritos have been putting out strange flavors up here in Canada, like ketchup. I mean, really?? 

Now, if you know me you know just how much I love pickles. It's a lot. Well, over the weekend, Jake and I were at the store and while we were in line, he pointed to the chip display by the register. There, shining at me like a beacon of pure love, was a shimmering green Doritos bag. The flavor? Pickles.

Now I was a little appreensive at first, I mean I didn't want to ruin the whole pickle thing for myself, but of course I had to try them. 


But they were disgusting. So gross. I had one and made Jake try them too. It's like you just ate a dill plant. No bueno, Doritos. No bueno.

Ever try these bad boys??

These were bad too. So bad.

What are you thinking, Doritos?!

What has been you favorite flavor? Do you have a least favorite? 


  1. Cheeseburger Doritos?!! I'm disappointed they were bad. In the UK we have ketchup flavour all the time...and pickled onion is very popular of course!

    1. They actually taste like a cheeseburger but it's like...too much flavor!!! Actually, if I remember correctly, they taste mostly like mustard and pickles. Which I love. But I couldn't handle more then like 2 chips. I haven't tried the ketchup ones yet. And pickled onion?!

  2. In the Philippines, I had chips flavored 'lobster' .... soooooo good. :)