Thursday, June 21, 2012

30 Days: Day Eight



As you may know by now, I'm moving to Toronto with Jacob next month.
The exact date is still...up in the air...
We're basically waiting for his Visa to go through, etc.
We know for sure it's not the 1st of the month,
so we're hoping at least by the 15th.
But who knows.

Anyway, I have a few goals for myself the first month up there!!

1. Make two friends: I want to make a friend base up there this time. Yes, I know people down here in New Haven but I never got close to anyone.
And I regret that.

2. Take a cooking class: These are expensive, however, and since I may not be able to work up there right away, I'll need to savor my money. But we'll see :)

3. Seriously start to build my writing portfolio: This means volunteer writing and making many inquiries about writing positions. I need to start pushing for this.

4. Forget my social fears: Since making friends is hard for me, I really want to just let it all go and be myself, and see who that attracts. Making friends is almost harding then meeting guys haha

5. Be positive: I know the next month or two will be difficult for me, being in a city where I know nobody again, potentially being unemployed and alone (Jake may be getting the night so I need to remember to stay positive or it'll be hell.

Does anyone have any tips on how I can work on these goals??
What's your favorite way to meet new people?
How do you stay positive?


  1. Freya, I can so relate to this post. I'm having a hard time meeting new people and making friends here in DC -- especially since I'm in the office so much. And don't even get me started on meeting guys. (Is it wrong that I want to be old fashioned and meet one in person and not online?)

    Have you tried We should chat more by email.

  2. Meetup is great! I never made any lifelong friendships as a result of it but it really gives you great ideas on what's happening where you are beyond just Happy Hour at the bar.

    And I totally understand what you mean, Freya. I feel kind of friendless right now and I'm in the area I've lived my whole life! I try to mix it up as much as possible though, and I just try to force myself out of my comfort zone before I have time to over think it and psych myself out. At least that way, even if it doesn't turn out as I'd hoped, I can at least say I tried.

    This also helps me get over some of my social anxieties: I can pinpoint exactly the moment in my life that I made more an ass out of myself in public than I ever have and ever will, so when I ask myself,"What's the worst that could happen?" I am confident in the fact that it already has lol. So liberating ;)

    Good luck and you will do great. I'm excited for you and your new adventure!

  3. Great post!!!