Thursday, June 28, 2012

30 Days: Day Twelve.


I have been trying so hard not to spend my money.
No coffees.
No fruit cups on my way to work.
Nothing extra.
(With a move to Toronto very soon and no possible job in the near future...I'm trying to save...trying...)
So yeah, I have a few things I'm lusting over!!
And whadda ya know?
They're probably all clothes :)
No judging!

I really want a swim suit like this. I think it'd look better on my body type then the normal how-low-and-small-can-we-make-this-swim-suit kind. I got a booty so...I'm learning to deal with it instead of trying to smush it into all the little baby clothing around here.


I love wedges, I do. But I saw these at Baker's online and now I want them.
I love strappy things. Dresses, shoes, bags.
Plus the neutral color would be so versatile! 

Shabby Chic.

Jacob and I have been chatting a lot lately on how to make out living space equally mine and equally his. I said I want more "me" space. He didn't understand. I said I need some spaces to seem more like we live together and not that I live in his apartment. (Let me interject, it's really not like that but there are a few changes that I would like to know...girly things...) And this vanity, or one like it, I would LOVE to have. Personally, not pink BUT this style.


This one should be easy to obtain: it's a DIY!
But I'm still lusting after it.
I just love how comfy and casual it looks!
But you could make one for more of a night out right??


As we all know, how I feel about Maxi dresses. I just love this one. It's so beautiful, right?? Plus I think I'd feel pretty in it.

Those are 5 things I'm lusting after right now!
How about you??

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