Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Recipe: Spicy Chicken Sandwiches

So on Sunday, Jacob and I decided to have black bean
burgers for dinner, since I made these for dessert:

Except I used half as many strawberries and added blueberries and raspberries!

We don't eat a lot of carbs, let alone sandwiches.
So we decided to see how many different sandwiches and burgers we could make to use up all the buns!
Sunday = Black Bean Burgers
Monday = Salmon burgers (Jacob made and they were delicious!)

Spicy chicken sandwiches!!

I used this marinade but made my own Cajun seasoning.
And since I didn't have lemon pepper, I just added the juice
of one lemon. Then I mushed it all up,
added the chicken breasts and they sat in the fridge for about
4 whole hours!

Note: I didn't add oil to the pan because there's oil in the marinade.

To go with the sandwiches, I looked for inspiration on Pinterest
and decided in the end to make my version of a Southwestern Salad.

For my salad, I used Romaine lettuce, 2 avocados, 1/2 of a yellow and orange pepper (I really like my food to be colorful!), half a can of black beans (rinsed) and 2 tomatoes. 
Then I grated just a little bit of cheddar cheese to top it off.

For the dressing, I used the juice from one lime, 1/2 cup olive oil, one bunch of cilantro chopped and 3 tablespoons of sour cream, with salt and pepper to taste. I put all of it in the food processor.

It was delicious! A nice mix up from the normal salad, ya know?

As I normally do, I went all out and was making cocktails too!
On Sunday, I made Sangria, or at least my version.
In a big a bowl I put 1 container of blueberries,
1 container of raspberries,
1/2 a container of strawberries, cut up,
and 1/4 a watermelon, cut up.
On top of that, a poured
1 liter bottle of white wine,
1 bottle of Framboise,
2 shots of Citron vodka,
3 shots of Ruby Red vodka 
and just a splash of cranberry/raspberry juice.
After a day in the fridge, man that stuff is delicious!

For Jacob, I made him a grapefruit and lime French gimlet.
It's basically 2 shots of gin on top of three big ice cubes, 
fill the glass 3/4 the way with club soda.
On top, splash a good drop of lime juice and grapefruit juice,
and a splash of St Germain.
I shook once in a shaker and added the peel from the grapefruit. 
It was delicious and I don't even like gin!

Overall, it was a successful dinner!

Do you have a favorite way to make chicken sandwiches?
Or how about Sangria?? 


  1. This all looks so tasty, especially the shortcake kabobs!

  2. Wow that salad looks amazing! Can I come for dinner?