Monday, June 18, 2012

Manic Monday! Music and Weekend Photos!

I have a lot to show you.
After a really awesome weekend of St Germane drinks,
20's Jazz music and hats,
beers and boater hats,
and brunch by the water.
I just need to spend a little more time 
tweeking my photos before you get to see them :)

So to tide you over today,
check out this video.
It's how I feel today!

Here are a few pictures I took this weekend!
(And I'll have my first Hair Tutorial later this week! How Exciting!)

Jake and I :)

Bowling Green view.

History Rebuilding Itself.

Beautiful Dancers. 

Sunday Sangria!

I have the next few days off (after today) so expect some pictures posts, a hair tutorial, craft DIY's and recipes!

How was your weekend and Father's Day??

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