Friday, June 8, 2012

Wild World.

Thank Goodness it's Friday everyone!
We made it!!

Lets start with the song on my mind today:

While I'm working on my second installment of Dinner with Alice, I thought I'd share some things that are making me happy this fine Friday!


Watching this video makes me laugh because I love Madagascar and I'm excited the third movie is coming out!


Now who doesn't want to be here in Bali today? Maybe this picture won't make you happy because you are not there....if that is the case I apologize :) We can dream can't we?!

This is a cupcake from Sugar Bakery and Sweet Shop here in Connecticut. They have recently won Cupcake Wars on the Food Network and I've seen their truck around New Haven a lot recently. So on Tuesday, I went and pick up four...
...and they were probably the most amazing cupcakes I have EVER EATEN. One of those would make me a very happy girl today.

This adorable puppy makes me so happy today too!

The last thing (well probably not last but the last I will mention today) that makes me happy is that we bought tickets to The Governors Ball later this month AND we bought tickets to a 20's themed Jazz Festival next weekend. 
Some good things coming up!
Then we move to Toronto!
Wow...that's a lot in one month....

Have a great Friday and share with me what makes YOU happy!


  1. I want to be in Bali.
    I'm not. I'm at work. But I am eating a cupcake at my desk at this very moment. So my day is looking up.

  2. Ahhhh the photo of Bali is really..... So amazing... I also want to be there!