Thursday, June 28, 2012

Travel Bag: Thrifted!

I needed a small pick me up yesterday.
I had been sitting in front of my computer blogging all morning
and needed to get out.
So I put on a salmon colored dress and went out.
As usual, I ended up at the Salvation Army on Crown Street
because in New Haven, there isn't much good shopping.
Yes, I'm saying Salvation Army is good shopping.
You get my drift.
While I was chatting away on the phone with my mother,
I saw this little beauty hiding behind a couch:

5 dollars! I was happy with it. It's pretty big and fits my old over the shoulder bag in it. Plus I'm moving in 13 days and I thought this would make a great plane bag. Man, I love thrifting.


  1. I love a good deal! and 5 dollars is a good deal for sure. nice work.

  2. What a deal! I like the shape and it's soo practical.

  3. Good find girlie! I still can't believe how big of a move your making. Good luck!

  4. love good finds! where are you moving?
    excited to be your newest follower!