Sunday, June 10, 2012

Monday Madness!: Music AND Thrifting?!

Okay so it's Monday and I have a lot to share!
Along with a Monday Music post, which I've been kind of 
behind on lately *slaps own hand*
I want to share with you the cool things I bought
this weekend at a Goodwill Outlet store,
(yes, they make outlets where you dig through HUGE bins
and they make you pay based on weight...
It's awesome) and Michael's Craft store.
Love both places.

But first, here's a song that's been stuck in my head 
since Jacob showed it to me.
Originally it was upsetting because he told me
that this was us a few weeks ago,
when we were just missing the boat together.
But then it started growing on me!
I just love his voice and the video is cute :)
What do you think?

Now here are the cool things I found!

$1.50 at the craft store. I love them!

$1.00 at the craft store. Love it!

$2.00 at Goodwill. Granted it's locked...but Jake said he'd help me open it.

Love the tag! These go for $35 on E Bay!

Searching for old books to make Paper Rose Wreaths, since they were so popular with my family...I think I know what Christmas presents are going to be!

Oh and on top of having this great song stuck in my head and finding all these cool things, Jake and I spent our Friday lunch at this great seafood spot right on the beach here in West Haven! SO GOOD!

Happy Monday!


  1. okay. i JUST went to michaels the other day! is that where you got the stamps & such? at my local store, they had all of those things in the dollar bin for $.50... oh how i love their 'after season' $.50 sale. can't beat it! and you can get all sorts of stuff for goody bags! as if a dollar wasn't cheap enough for me! :)

    ooooh, and those books look amazing. they would even look amazing on a shelf! but i love your wreaths, too!

  2. nice post!Would you like to follow each other?

  3. I love that lime case and when it comes to Michael's I can stay lost in those for hours at a time.