Monday, August 13, 2012

The Subway Diaries: Lonely Girl.

Lonely Girl.

I love when the subway arrives. I try to stand as close to the tunnel as possible. It's prime wind zone. The train pulls in and with it, gusts of wind. It makes my damp hair swirl around me, like I'm Medusa and my hair is suddenly alive. I wish I could stick my head out the window like a dog. I love feeling wind of my face.

The subway is completely empty. it's like everyone's having a fire drill and nobody told me. There's one Asian lady sleeping six seats away. If I tried, I could sleep too. 

We pull into St. George on the northbound side. One young girl stands in the middle of the platform. Her black dress flies around her slim frame, blonde strands of hair follows suit. She pulls from the straw in her coffee. As we start to move away, she turns to look. Her hair is busy dancing around her face. Faceless girl. Hmm...poetic. 

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  1. I love this series! there are ooo many stories to tell about all the people that share the ride but dont interact with each other, sometimes u think u know them just by looking at them